Sometimes, being a pack rat pays off!

The DreadBrewer, as much as I love him, is a pack rat. He is a big fan of keeping things because “we might need it one day.” On the other hand, I am very firmly in the “If you haven’t used it in a year, give it away” camp.

This can lead to some conflicts and irritation on both sides of the divide.

However, sometimes my husband’s pack rat tendencies totally pay off. ((And having admitted this out loud will give him carte blanche to accumulate in the future. He will forever be able to say, “But remember the compost bin?”))

We’ve been wanting a second compost bin ((Why do you need a second compost bin, you ask? It’s because you can’t keep adding stuff to the same bin forever. At some point, you have to stop adding new stuff to give the old stuff a chance to rot and turn into compost. But then, what do you do with your compostable items? If you don’t have a second bin, you have to throw it away. Which is just galling. So you see why we need another bin.)) for quite awhile but have been unwilling to shell out $100 to buy another one from Gardener’s Supply. (As much as we love the one we got from them, $100 is pretty steep for a container in which to hold your rotting green matter.)

Enter DB and his hoarder-ish accumulative tendencies. They were throwing away some really nice wood at his job, so of course he loaded it into the Montero and brought it home. (Keep in mind this was at least 2 months ago, with no concrete idea as to what we could make out of the wood. It was just too nice to throw away…) We debated and debated as to what to make out of the wood for awhile and finally decided to make another compost bin.

Which is what we did all afternoon yesterday and it turned out so awesome. It would have probably taken less time than it did had the Littlest Brewster not been in chronic barnacle mode, but oh well. I figure the fact that we got it done in one day with a one year old in tow is pretty impressive.

The wood is insanely dense and heavy (we broke one of the drill bits in it), so I’m pretty sure this compost bin is hurricane-proof, if not tornado-proof. It’s not going anywhere.

A very proud DreadBrewer

A very proud DreadBrewer

And yes, DB is in shorts and a T-shirt. It was 78 degrees here in North Carolina yesterday!!!

Here’s a pic that shows it next to our other bin:

Compost Bin 2It’s about 6 inches taller and 6 inches wider than our first bin. And probably 100 pounds heavier… We made a groove in the front of this bin so we can take the front slats in and out as needed for turning or whatnot, which should come in handy.

My task for today is to go out and put a bunch of the plants from our winter garden in it. Once I can drag myself away from the internet…

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