Sippy Cup Showdown

The Littlest Brewster is still in the infant room at daycare. This is despite the fact that she’s been walking for at least 2 months and has been on the “toddler nap schedule” for at least 2 weeks and is taller and heavier than most of the toddlers in the toddler room.

What could possibly be holding her back?

Well, apparently the fact that LB is not interested in drinking milk out of a sippy cup with her lunch means that she can’t go hang out with kids her age and instead has to hang out with a 4-month old and a 7 month-old. Who still have their milk in bottles, which taunts and frustrates her to no end.

The thing that is super frustrating about this whole situation to me is that I am not worried about her drinking milk out of a cup. She drinks water just fine from a cup, she still gets milk in a bottle at home ((Which is probably why she won’t drink it from a cup at daycare, but whatever. She’s still my baby and she can have a bedtime bottle for a bit longer. Give me the side eye if you want.)), and she gets plenty of calcium from other sources throughout the day. I worry about a lot of things with her and for once, I’m not worried and daycare is having a shit-fit about it. Argh. Anyway.

In an attempt to convince LB that sippy cups are fun, we have spent a small fortune on various cups and now have a considerable stash built up. Should she decide to drink her milk from a cup, we could go at least 2 weeks without doing dishes.

Here’s a representative shot of our stash:

Sippy Cups

The first cup we tried was the Playtex First Sipster

PlaytexThis one actually worked pretty well. It has a valve inside that you can remove to make the cup free-flowing once your kid gets a little better at grown-up drinking ((Sounds like I’m talking about beer, doesn’t it?)), although that negates the no-spill feature. But since LB didn’t really love it, I decided to try something else. Which led us to…

The Take and Toss Cups by The First Years

Take 'N TossThese are essentially the same cups that daycare uses. The nice thing about these is that the sides are squashable, meaning that if you can coax your kid into putting the spout in her mouth, you can squirt milk out of the cup and (hopefully) convince her that it’s delicious and she should drink it. Yeah, good luck with that one. Which led us to…

The Sassy Grow-Up Cup

Sassy CupI thought LB would like a cup without a spout, more like the cups we drink out of. But this cup was less than useless. Even I couldn’t figure out how to get liquid out of the damn thing. Which led us to…

The Nuby Super Spout

Nuby Step 2I had read somewhere on the internet that these Nuby cups were a good transition from the bottle as the spout is “bottle-like”, so it’s comforting. The Littlest Brewster actually does seem to like these cups the best, but it’s still like pulling teeth to get her to drink out of them. And if you put milk in it (even if you do it in secret so there’s no way she could have seen you), she will slap it away faster than you can say “Just a sip!”  When we bought the Nuby Super Spout cups, we also got…

The Nuby Super Straw.

Nuby Step 3LB really likes cups with straws, so we were sure this would be a big hit. But it’s actually fairly difficult to get fluid out of the straw and she seemed to be more chewing than drinking. So we’re going to put these aside until she’s a little bit older and then try them again.

Isn’t this ridiculous?!?

Even blogging about it makes me irritated. I want to go to daycare and say, “What about vegans? What about lactose-intolerant kids? One doesn’t have to have milk with one’s lunch in order to be healthy!!!” ((There are a list of acceptable milk substitutes that we could give LB instead, like almond- or soy-milk. But we’ve already spent a fortune on cups and we know she likes milk, just not out of a cup. I refuse to go down that road.))

Who knew that a little matter like a cup could turn into such a huge deal?

5 thoughts on “Sippy Cup Showdown

  1. The other day my husband said, “maybe after these bottles that are filled in the fridge are gone we should think about getting rid of the…” and I interupted him and yelled, “I’m not ready!” Oops.

    • I don’t know why people are in such a hurry to make our babies grow up! Keeping the bedtime bottle for a while longer will not keep the Littlest Brewster from becoming a responsible adult, I swear.

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