How many is too many?

Beers? Well, there’s no such thing of course!

But seed catalogs? Um, I would say that this many is too many:


To put it another way, this many is too many:


Naturally, the DreadBrewer denies that this is too many seed catalogs. He also insists that there are at least 3 more that he has to consult before he can order the seeds and plants for this year’s garden.

I insist that if I have to spend one more day digging through and around the piles of seed catalogs to find such extraneous and unnecessary things as my wallet or my phone, I may “accidently” throw them away.

Although if I’m honest about it, I like that DB puts so much thought and research into picking out the best vegetables for his family. It’s one of the ways he shows he cares. Even if I do wish it created slightly less clutter for him to do so…

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