Movin’ on up!

As you may recall, we have been having a bit of a fight with daycare to get them to let LB move to the toddler room.

Well, I am pleased to announce that yesterday was the Littlest Brewster’s first full day in the toddler room!!!

Last week was a “transition” week, meaning we still dropped her off with the infants in the morning and she moved over to be with the older kids some time before lunch. She actually did really well with napping on a cot without a pacifier, much better than I would have expected actually. I was waiting to get the report that she refused to sleep and instead went around and poked the other kids during nap time, but it never came.

Honestly though, it was a pain in the butt for us when it was time to pick her up. Some of her stuff would be in the infant room, some of her stuff would be in the toddler room, and some of her stuff would be in the kitchen. (Because we’re freaks responsible parents and pack her lunch rather than feed her the mass-produced junk food they serve and this means that (horror of horrors) there is Tupperware for them to deal with and keep track of, an apparently impossible task.)

But yesterday was it. No transition. No splitting between rooms. No little sheet to fill out in the morning to let the teachers know what time LB woke up and when she last had her diaper changed. (That part was hard for me. It was like, “Wait, what? You don’t want to know how she slept?!?”)

My little girl is growing up!

My friend Cris wants to know if this means that I will finally stop calling on my lunch hour to see how LB’s morning went. I told her no. I feel like that, for the amount of money we’re spending to send the Littlest Brewster to this center, the very least I deserve is a midday update. Also, I think that the DreadBrewer would revolt if he no longer got his email update after I get off the phone. Maybe I’ll stop calling and checking on her when she’s 2…

So, maybe moving up to the toddler room is not all sugar and spice and everything nice.

Given the fact that today, after just two days in the toddler room, she came home with this:


A bite mark!!! (And not in the “love bite” sense of the word, not that that would be any better in this situation. Or in any situation, actually…)

Maybe movin’ on up is more fraught with danger than we thought!

4 thoughts on “Movin’ on up!

  1. Yay, LB!

    And we were the freaks that sent all of J’s food before we moved to a new center where everything is all organic hippy food. Best. Thing. Ever! Before that, I actually had to get a Dr’s note saying my kid was allergic to preservatives so they wouldn’t feed her crap all day. FTW!

    • I wish we could find a center like that, rather than one that considers cheese puffs and vanilla wafers “nutritious” afternoon snacks! I love the place otherwise, but we definitely have different views as regards appropriate food choices…

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