The Littlest Brewster throws a tantrum…

On Saturday, the Littlest Brewster was having a meltdown. And, like the awesome mom that I am, I took the opportunity to video it so that I could send it to my friend Elise. She and I have commiserated many times over our daughters’ tantrums and I thought she would like proof that LB couldn’t possibly be any worse than Ella.

Except it didn’t turn out quite like I expected ((I apologize for the angle of the video. It looked fine on my iPod when I filmed it, but I don’t know how to turn it on here to make it correct. You’ll still get the idea.))…

I will say, in my defense, that the things she’s picking off the floor and eating are part of a crushed Goldfish and not just general trash. I’m not that bad!

1 thought on “The Littlest Brewster throws a tantrum…

  1. Ha! Maybe I should stop picking up the mushed up food from my carpet and see if that helps with her tantrums. I showed the video to Ella and she seemed very concerned.

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