What do I do with all those pictures?

As you all know, I have previously admitted here that I have a picture taking compulsion. It’s bad. It’s really bad. Like, so bad I just checked the computer and in the LB file alone there are >1300 pictures…

After the Littlest Brewster was born, I had this vague idea of taking a picture of her every day for a year and then turning it into an awesome book. ((Or an awesome film that would become an overnight internet sensation and make us famous. That went the way of the dodo when I realized that a) In order to make the film idea work, all of the pictures had to be in close to the same position and b) I’m not nearly tech savvy enough to actually make said video.)) So I made a valiant effort to snap a daily photo and I did a pretty damn good job. I probably missed <10 days all year. I even put the fear of God into my parents and made them take daily pictures of LB when we were out of town.

Around October of last year, I started working on LB’s book. And it was work. First I had to upload all of the photos to Shutterfly. Then I had to pick which photos I wanted to use. Then I had to load them to the book. Then I had to arrange them on the pages. Then I had to add “embellishments” and other things that made it look cute and handcrafted. Then I had to put a number on every photo so you could tell what day it was taken. I seriously put in 15 hours of work and I had only gotten halfway through March!

The other problem with the book idea, other than the staggering amount of effort involved, was the staggering cost that would have been involved. Think about: Even if I were to put 5 pictures on a page, that’s 73 pages! These books only include 20 pages and each page thereafter is, like, $0.75. I was looking at a $60 book if I ever managed to finish the darn thing!

Then in early January, I had a stroke of genius. What about a calendar!?!?

I looked them up on Shutterfly and sure enough, you can put a picture on every single day if you want! They’re numbered, they’re arranged, they’re included in the $20 price – I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of this to start! And it was SO easy. I finished the whole project in 3 evenings of work, probably 4 hours total. ((And that may sound like a lot, but when you’ve got a homebrew in your hand and a BeerCat keeping you company, the hours just fly by…))

When it arrived, I was insanely pleased with how it turned out and incredibly glad that I had made the effort to snap those daily pictures. And I was really, really proud of myself for doing it. Here’s a couple of pictures of the finished product:

Calendar 1Calendar 2Calendar 3Calendar 4Calendar 5I decided to leave the days that I had missed blank rather than putting in another picture or a drawing or something. There really aren’t that many.

The only problem is now that I know how easy it was to make this and how incredibly amazingly it turned out, I’ll never be able to stop taking daily picture of the Littlest Brewster! We may need to buy a bigger hard drive…

4 thoughts on “What do I do with all those pictures?

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