Expanding her climbing skills

The Littlest Brewster has started expanding her climbing skills, much to her parents’ consternation.

You all remember this photo?

20130104-204428.jpgWell, over the past few days, she has figured out that if she pushes the stool over to the coffee table, she can climb up on that too!

Feb.9.13.1 Feb.9.13.2 Feb.9.13.3She’s actually pretty cautious about getting up and down and hasn’t fallen while doing so. Yet.

It’s more the fact that she’s so excited once she gets up on the coffee table that she stomps around gleefully which scares me. I’m worried she’ll stomp right off the edge and bust her head like a ripe watermelon.

And locking the stool up doesn’t really help, as she’s thisclose to being tall enough to get up there without it.

I think I may have sprouted some new gray hairs…

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