The Last Morning Bottle

Last Friday morning was bittersweet for me. This is me, giving the Littlest Brewster her last morning bottle:


We had planned on dropping her morning bottle sometime around 14 months and, since I had an extended weekend to stay home with her, decided to go ahead and do it. I knew it wouldn’t be fun. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I knew it would really, really stink.

And it did.

This is what the Littlest Brewster looked like Saturday morning after she realized that her bottle was not forthcoming and that she was stuck with a crappy sippy cup:


Don’t you feel sorry for her? Don’t you think we’re terrible parents?

Sunday went a bit better, perhaps because we switched to the Nuby Sippy cup and it’s more bottle-like.

She’s certainly not chugging her milk like she did with a bottle. We’re both a little concerned that she’s not taking in enough fluids now that her intake has been reduced. We’ve tried letting her have a cup of water available at all times, but she is constantly turning it upside down in attempt to shake water out. And after she gets a few drops out, she rubs it around on everything. So water has to be supervised at this point, which cuts down on its availability.

Ah, the trials and tribulations of child rearing. God knows I am dreading trying to transition LB off her nighttime bottle, but he also knows that that will be months in the future. Or perhaps years. Maybe when she leaves for college…

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