14 Month Update

I know that this is a few days late and that I missed the 13 month update entirely – sorry! Time just slipped away from me and the Littlest Brewster was 14 months old before I knew it… but better late than never, no?

Here’s what the Littlest Brewster has been up to lately (hopefully with no repeats!):

Weight: About 27 lbs 4 ounces, per our home scale

Height: Not so sure. She’s now tall enough to reach the first two or three inches of the counter, for what it’s worth, which is totally obnoxious as there are now even fewer “safe” areas to stash things.  

Clothes/Diaper Sizes: The Littlest Brewster is rocking the Size 5 Pampers Baby Dry. We have actually toyed with the idea of going up to size 6 for night time use as she will pee through the 5s if we don’t change her at least once a night, but we haven’t made the change yet. All of her clothes are at least 18 month, if not 24 month or 2T. (Which is apparently the same size (-ish. Near enough as makes no difference.))

Food/Bottles: Saturday (as you know from the pictures) was LB’s last morning bottle. She still gets a bedtime bottle and probably will for quite a few more months. The transition to sippy cups of milk for breakfast and lunch is going okay. Daycare tells us that she will sit and drink her whole cup of milk with her lunch, but Lord knows she hasn’t done it for us. Other than the milk, she has three meals and a snack daily.

New Foods: There have been so many new things that LB has tried in the last two months that it’s hard to keep track. Basically she eats whatever we eat, with the exception of super spicy foods, or shrimp, or peanut butter.

New Words: No (for nose), kitty, Gigi (for her stuffed animals), do (which means “give”), mo (for Mo), mo (for more), muh (for milk). Obviously, it’s a little difficult to sort out what exactly she means all of the time. But she’s pretty good at making herself understood. And she understands SO much of what we say. For instance, we can tell her to put something in the trash and she will. Or we can ask her to bring us a book to read and she will toddle right over with Tickle Time or Goodnight Moon.

Miscellaneous: Things that LB has mastered (or at least started working on) in the last months – climbing (as you’ve seen in previous posts), throwing (she’s got a pretty good foward toss), and kicking (about 50/50 hit or miss). She’s also successfully transitioned to one nap (from 12:15 to 2:15 or so) at daycare, even if it doesn’t always work out that way on the weekends.

And finally, the best part of the whole post – the 14-month photo!


2 thoughts on “14 Month Update

    • I know! I wonder if she’s talking well enough that we can trim it or if Cris will still be convinced it will harm her for life….

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