First Haircut

We finally did it.

We finally gave the Littlest Brewster her first haircut.

As you can see from the “before” picture, her bangs were getting just a little bit ridiculous. I kept thinking that they would get long enough to tuck behind her ear, but it never happened. And as she refuses to keep a barrette or elastic in, her hair was always in her eyes.
So Saturday, I got the bright idea to trim her bangs myself. ((This may or may not have been after I had a beer. But just one beer, I swear.)) I had the DreadBrewer distract her with tidbits of food while I trimmed them up. And I think it actually turned out okay, even if it does sort of emphasize the roundness of her cheeks.
Mar.2.13.1 Mar.3.13.1

She finally doesn’t have hair in her eyes!

Of course, we bundled up the cut hair and put it aside. Apparently we should have put an elastic on it before we cut it, as we couldn’t get the elastic on afterwards and had to resort to using scotch tape. But whatever. We still have it for posterity.

However, I do not plan on cutting her hair forever. I think for her next haircut, I’m going to take her to an actual stylist. (Or whatever they call them. Given that I only get my hair trimmed about once a year, Lord knows I have no idea about these things.) It was kind of nerve wracking to just do her bangs and I think it may be something better left to professionals.

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