Because who doesn’t need more garden space?

When we moved into our house, one of our first projects was to build some raised beds for the garden.

Original Garden Setup 2010

Original Garden Setup 2010

Not bad, eh? And plenty big enough for two people.

Or so I thought.

I now know that the DreadBrewer approaches gardening with the same fanaticism and gusto as he approaches brewing. Bigger is definitely better.

Over the years, more beds and walkways have been added. Every time we made an addition, I told DB, “This is it. We’re done. No more garden beds.”

Last summer, I asked DB what he wanted for his 40th birthday. Since it was such a momentous occasion, I said he could have whatever he wanted. Guess what he wanted? More garden beds. (I don’t know why I was even surprised.) I said yes but only if we outfitted the whole garden with drip irrigation as well. ((Post on that to follow at some point. I know you’re all waiting with bated breath…))

This weekend we finally got around to putting in the new garden beds. (Bringing our total garden area to 600 square feet of raised beds. Plus the raspberry bed, the hop bed, the potato grow bags, and the various pots scattered around the deck.)

Both DB and I had forgotten just how much work is involved with making a new garden bed. Thank heavens his mom came over and wrangled the Littlest Brewster so that we could concentrate on working! Here are a few pictures from the day:

After we built the beds, we had to till up the existing grass.

I tried to help out and take a turn with the tiller but that shit is heavy! I lasted all of 3 minutes before I apologetically handed it back to DB and went back to raking the grass out of the beds.


I spent FOREVER raking as much Bermuda out of the beds as I could. (Well, not forever. More like 20 minutes…)

The DreadBrewer likes to make his own dirt for the garden beds, a process that involves a lot of heavy lifting and vigorous mixing. (This is probably due to a horrible experience we had with 3 cubic yards of delivered “topsoil” that was full of rocks and sticks and trash. At least this way we know what we’re getting…)


Our dirt pre-mixing – it’s peat, vermiculite, sand, lime, compost, and fertilizer

 We were both so excited that we got to use the finished compost from our first compost bin. It wasn’t a ton, but it was enough to amend the big bed pretty well.

Doesn't it look amazing? We made this!

Doesn’t it look amazing? We made this!

Here’s the finished product:


I would want to grow there if I were a plant.

 And here’s a shot of the garden in it’s (hopefully) final incarnation:


That’s enough space now, right? Right?!?

We still need to extend the walkways to the ends of the new beds. And we really want to replace the mulch with crushed gravel or river stones, which should be oodles of fun. And we need to install the irrigation system. And plant all the plants and sow all the seeds. And make another trellis or two.

And here I was worried that there was still a lot of work to do to get the garden ready for the year. Silly me…

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