Poor Ethan

The Littlest Brewster has fallen in love. With Ethan.

Poor, poor Ethan.

She loves all of the cats but for some reason has taken a particular interest in him. Perhaps because he’s so good-natured that he will actually sit still while she harasses loves on him.

When he does decide that he’s had enough and tries to move away, she follows him relentlessly, either saying “Shissy” (her word for kitty, which occasionally sounds an awful lot like “shitty”) or meowing at him.

If she catches him (or he gives up and lays back down), she alternates between giving him hugs and kisses ((Which is galling, as she very rarely gives me kisses while she showers the cat with kisses)) and trying to wrap her arms around his waist in order to carry him around.

Here are a few pics of LB and her first love (Sorry that some of them are so fuzzy!):


Gentle pats – that’s nice


Ethan’s trying to make a run for it


Giving him one of her back-breaking hugs


Trying to haul him onto her lap for closer cuddles


Oh, and we’re back to trying to pick him up.

Ethan is absolutely awesome with her – it probably helps that he knows he gets treats after she loves on him, so he tolerates it in the name of food. And he does have a few safe zones, where he can go when he really doesn’t want to be cuddled.

Giving Ethan his post-cuddle treats

Giving Ethan his post-cuddle treats

I think that when she’s older and slightly less exuberant with her affections, they’re going to be best buddies. đŸ™‚

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