Who are you and what have you done with my daughter?

You all may remember that, in some of LB’s monthly updates, I qualified her as a really happy, really easy going baby.

Which was true.

But somehow, someone has snuck into my house and switched my happy, easy-going baby out with a screaming, whining, clingy toddler. (I wish I could find them, whoever they are, and punch them in the throat.) ((I will say the the Littlest Brewster is still a joy to have around when she’s not mid-tantrum. She’s not a jerk all the time.))

Overnight, nothing makes the Littlest Brewster happy. (Well, nothing except Ethan.) She wants up, she wants down, she wants inside, she wants outside, she wants a drink, she doesn’t want a drink, she loves peas, she hates peas… it’s driving me crazy!!! These are some pictures from last weekend, when I had the audacity to take her outside to play in the dirt. An activity that she absolutely loved not 24 hours previously, I might add.


Oh no! Not playing outside!! Anything but that!!!


My life is a misery!

And one of the worst parts, or maybe one of the best parts, is that this only happens at home, with me. Home alone with the DreadBrewer, she’s pretty content. Out in public, she’s reasonably well-behaved. I know for a fact that they don’t carry her all day at daycare, so Lord knows why she expects me to do so.

Last weekend, I think she must have cried for an hour and half. We tried everything we could possibly think of and nothing made the crying stop. It was so bad I even resorted to drinking white wine and I hate white wine! Although this actually wasn’t so bad. Maybe that should be a new advertisement for Rex Goliath Chardonnay: “Perfectly complements your toddler’s screaming!”

I asked some of my savviest mommy friends for advice and they suggested trying to anticipate her needs and helping her see that she doesn’t have to have a complete meltdown in order to get my attention or what she wants. And to try and involve her in what I’m doing rather than expecting her to entertain herself all the time. And they stressed that I need to remember that this is just a phase and it will not last forever. As Julie told me – at some point soon, LB will want nothing to do with me and I’ll curse her independence. So I’ve been trying to follow their advice.

And we’ve actually had some success with this. I’ve discovered that it may take a little longer to have her “help” me put away the dishes or fold clothes, but it’s infinitely more enjoyable than doing the same tasks while stepping over a tantrum-ing child.

At least I’m getting an extra arm workout in from carrying her chunky butt around, right?

So, what has worked for you guys dealing with your kids’ tantrums?


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