15 Month Update

Hard to believe, but the Littlest Brewster was 15 months old on March 22nd! (Also my sister’s birthday! What a fabulous day all around!!)

Here’s a quick rundown on what crazy ninja skills she’s mastered in the last 30 days. (Along with some other mundane developmental tasks…)

Height/Weight: The official 15-month well visit is this Wednesday, so I’ll update y’all with the official vital statistics then. My best guess is that she’s 29ish pounds and tall enough to get into trouble.

Clothes/Diapers: We’re still cramming LB into her 18-month pants in the hopes that we can avoid having to buy 24-month pants for the last 2 weeks of winter… They’re still plenty long enough, they’re just getting a little tight in the thighs and seat. If North Carolina would cooperate and transition to our usual warm weather, we would be fine with the 24-month shorts I bought at heaven Target yesterday. Shirts and PJs are all 24-month or 2T (which is the same thing as far as I can tell)..

We did finally bite the bullet and switch to size 6 (!!!!!!) Pampers at night. She was peeing through the size 5s, which meant we were I was having to get up and change her at 3 am. Which meant she was relearning all of the poor sleep habits we worked so hard to break her of last September. And that was not making for a happy Mama. So I picked up a pack of 6s last week (which aren’t supposed to officially start until 37 pounds) and we made the switch. And I am pleased to announce that she is no longer waking up at 3 am demanding to be changed and have us give her pacifier back. Everyone is much happier, most especially me.

Food/Bottles: LB did actually try a few new foods this month (I didn’t think there were that many new ones left, but apparently there are). They were: asparagus, black-eyed peas, cashews, cherry tomatoes, garbanzo beans, and Morningstar Buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing She liked everything except the tomatoes, which is strange as she likes ketchup, marinara, and salsa. No accounting for taste, eh?

She’s still getting a nighttime bottle, but we’ve cut it down to 5 1/2 ounces and are planning on decreasing it 1/2 an ounce per week until it’s gone. (I’m sure we’ll stop before we get to the point of giving her a 1/2 ounce bottle however.) She does get kind of pissy when the bottle’s done, but she’s dealing with it. Otherwise, she has milk or water in a sippy cup throughout the day (though probably only, like, 6 ounces of milk and 6 ounces of water… if we’re lucky…). I tried giving her Pedialyte during the stomach funk last week and she was not having it. Nor has she liked juice the few times we’ve tried giving it to her; I guess we’re just a milk and water sort-of family. Oh, I should mention that she loves lemon-lime seltzer from a can. She thinks that’s just the most awesome thing ever and gets excited when she sees us getting a seltzer from the fridge. I figure it’s calorie- and sugar- and caffeine-free, so she can go to town.

Teeth: One of her remaining molars has finally come through, bringing the count up to 12 (4 molars and the 8 front teeth). It’s nice that she can truly chomp on things now, so we’re being a little more free with how large we cut her snacks, etc. I will say we must have checked her mouth 100 times in the last 10 days, looking for new teeth and a reason for her assholic behavior. Alas, there are no new teeth on the horizon and it just seems to be a tantrum-y phase.

Talking: I remember reading somewhere about a “verbal explosion” around 15 months – and it is happening. She understands so much of what we’re saying and is getting so many more words for what she wants. Granted, most of them sound the same but whatever. She’s also really gotten the hang of no and will tell you – vehemently – when she does not want to do something. Sometimes she just sits there and says no to herself over and over, which makes me feel like a shitty mom for telling her “no” so frequently…

Miscellaneous New Things: LB can now successfully point and tell you where her nose, eyes, and ears are (although nose is her favorite – perhaps because it sounds so much like “No”, her other favorite word). She is also much more into doing things for herself, such as putting on her own shoes. This is, in fact, a feat that she cannot manage on her own, but God knows she will die trying before admitting defeat and accepting help. She is pretty good at following directions and will help me clean up or put away the groceries if I let her.

That’s most everything, I think. The new skills aren’t always as monumental as rolling over or sitting unassisted or walking were, but they’re there and they’re awesome. Every day she becomes more and more her own person and the DreadBrewer and I are so lucky to have front row seats.

Enough waxing poetic, get to the pictures! Here are a few outtakes from our 15-month photo shoot, along with the final selection.

Trying to get away

Trying to get away

Confused as to why we're doing this - again

Confused as to why we’re doing this – again

Yes, I think this perfectly represents the last month...

Yes, I think this perfectly represents the last month…



One thought on “15 Month Update

  1. That 15-month picture is classic. Lately it seems we’ve had more of those moments around here, too.

    It’s funny about the cherry tomatoes… that’s one thing that Suzy just adores. It’s the Neapolitan in her, I suppose. 🙂

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