The stats are in!

And I was way off in my guesstimate of LB’s weight!

Here are the important numbers from her well-check today:
Weight: 26 lbs 11 ounces (91st percentile)
Height: 32 inches (90th percentile)
Head Circumference: 18.5 inches (78th percentile)

So she actually slimmed down a bit from her last check up, which is good.

Per usual, I had a ton of questions and our doctor patiently answered them all.
For instance, why hasn’t LB’s stork bite faded and what do we do about the fact that it’s red and scaly? (No clue,but try hydrocortisone three times a day.)

Or, why are her hands always cold and sometimes purpley? (Again, no idea but it should be fine.)

And how do we know if she needs a later bedtime? People think we’re crazy for putting her down at 6:30, but she sleeps until 6 when we have to get up anyway. (If she starts fighting bedtime, she might need to move it back. But your friends are probably just jealous.)

Finally, when can we use normal minty toothpaste? Her breath stinks and the strawberry baby stuff ain’t cutting it. (Not until she can reliably spit it out. You just have to brush really well with the fruit flavored stuff.)

And that was it. Well, 2 more vaccines but those weren’t that bad. LB was easily pacified with a snack of bananas. A clean bill of health for the Littlest Brewster and we don’t need to go back until her 18-month visit. Provided there are no mystery daycare illnesses or other ailments – hope O didn’t just jinx myself…

3 thoughts on “The stats are in!

    • I do know and acknowledge how lucky I am. For what its worth when you’re sleep-deprived.

      And we did have some brutal sleep training nights to get here…

  1. Yay for a clean bill of health! You guys are doing such an awesome job. For what it’s worth, Suzy’s still got her stork bite (on the back of her neck–looks great with her mullet-y hair). As for always cold and sometimes purpley hands, I’ve had those my whole life. It’s annoying, but nothing serious. And– Suzy goes to bed at the same time as Liesl does! By 6/6.30 she’s so ready for it…not to mention her parents!

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