I hope everyone had a happy Easter! We had a pretty good day here at our household.

Easter actually started on Friday for us when our awesome neighbors brought over an Easter basket for the Littlest Brewster. Given that they’re the best neighbors ever and know the emphasis we try to put on healthy eating, LB got a basket chock full of delicious fruit, as well as a new book and some very stylish bracelets.

Then Sunday started with me schlepping LB to church. I jokingly say I’m a CEO (Christmas & Easter Only) sort of Catholic, although its totally true and my attendance at any sort of organized religious service is abysmal. I don’t necessarily think one has to attend mass or church or whatnot in order to be spiritual, but that’s a whole ‘nother post that I’m not getting into here. LB did fabulously for the 30 minutes or so that we were there before I broke down because I missed my mom and we fled out the side door. Hey, first holidays are hard. But at least we tried.

After breakfast, we gave LB her present from the Easter bunny. She got the letter factory toy from LeapFrog, which she seemed to enjoy immensely. She was particularly fond of the noise it would make to dump the entire box of letters onto the table and then fling them about exuberantly.

Later in the day, DB’s mom came over for a late lunch (my first attempt at corned beef and cabbage – I know we’re about 2 weeks late for St. Patrick’s Day but it was still delicious!) and an egg hunt for the Littlest Brewster. I had filled her eggs with pieces of clementine from her fruit basket, and as soon as she realized there were treats in the eggs, it was on. Every egg was immediately brought to Grandy (as we call my mother-in-law) to be opened and consumed. And once the fruit was eaten, the egg was tossed aside. Until she had found all the eggs and eaten all of the fruit, at which point she started to go back and check the empty eggs in case there was more fruit hiding.

All in all it was a really fun day, which capped off a really great (and productive – more on that later) weekend. Hope everyone else’s day was just as good!

Here are some of the best photos from the day!


LB’s Awesome Easter Basket

No! Please! No more photos!

No! Please! No more photos!

She’s so ladylike

Isn't she the cutest thing ever?

Isn’t she the cutest thing ever?

Going to town on her Easter clementines

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