Wait? You can fit your car in your garage?

You’re supposed to be able to fit your car in your garage?

I thought garages were storage areas for brewing supplies, gardening supplies, and excess child gear. For example, this is our garage:

Garage 1 Garage 2
I put the pictures in full size, so that you can see the handy captions I’ve added detailing all of the crap vitally important gear we store there. And I elected not to label everything, otherwise the picture would be so covered in labels you wouldn’t be able to see the image.

The DreadBrewer keeps talking about getting my car back in the garage (something that hasn’t happened since I was pregnant with the Littlest Brewster). I’ve told him that he should just give up on that particular dream, as I don’t ever see it happening.

We have said, multiple times, that we’re going to take everything out of the garage one weekend and really cull through things before we put it back. Somehow, it’s not real high on our list of priorities right now. Maybe because we’ve got 26 bags of garden soil, 6 cubic feet of vermiculite, 2 trees, and 5 blackberry bushes to deal with? Not to mention all of the brewing equipment that needs a final wash before getting stored for the off-season.

Nope, cleaning the garage is not on my “Must Do” list. Maybe in the fall…



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