The Dirt Corner

Every once in awhile, I think that we have stumbled upon a really good idea that needs to be shared.

And this is one of them: the Dirt Corner. ((Exciting name, no? It’s the best we could come up with between ourselves.))

See, we’re big gardeners. And we have lots of nice raised beds full of dirt that the Littlest Brewster would just absolutely love to dig in. But that would put a serious damper on our germination rates and/or crop yields, so we’ve been trying to discourage that.  But we wanted her to be able to have fun digging and raking and just generally getting dirty. Thus, the dirt corner.

We took a corner of the yard that wasn’t being used for anything else and put some old potting soil there and just let the Littlest Brewster go to town.

And she loves it. Usually. On tantrum-y days, she hates it. But those days, she hates everything.

And it keeps her from digging in our garden beds. It also serves as a nice distraction for when we want to work in the yard. And yes, it is a fun family activity as obviously DB and I both also love to dig in the dirt.

Dirt Corner 1 Dirt Corner 2 Dirt Corner 3

I found a little plastic set with a trowel and a rake and an “I have no idea” pointy thing at Walmart for $1.27. Her Easter basket is the perfect vehicle for carrying dirt from one place to the other. And she’s got a little chair there for when she’s tired and just wants to survey her domain.

Now, I know that this only works if you’ve got a large enough yard that you’re willing and able to forfeit a corner of it. But if you’ve got the space and inclination, I highly recommend making a little dirt/digging area for your little one.

3 thoughts on “The Dirt Corner

  1. I saw a planting bed that was 4 x 4 that would be perfect to fill with dirt or pea gravel for this. it was only $30 at home depot! we are getting a pea gravel pit when our new swingset gets in. yay! i wonder how much pea gravel harvey will consume…

  2. SO cute!!! Looks like Liesl isn’t the only one having fun in there. 🙂 Dirt happens to be one of Suzy’s favorite things to play with… second only to sticks!

  3. I tried doing this with Ella while we were working out in the garden this past weekend. Little OCD child would play in it for a second, realize she had dirt on her hands, and freak out until I cleaned them off. Repeat about 50 more times.

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