Things I discovered this weekend

A few things that I learned/discovered this weekend:

-It is entirely possible to pass the same illness between members of a family multiple times. Even if you are reasonably decent housekeeper, those little bastards germs can still manage to hide and infect you or your toddler at a moment’s notice. And it sucks just as much this time as it did last time…

-There really are no days off in Mommyhood. You may have a spouse who is awesome and totally willing to take over, but then you probably also have a toddler who thinks that everyone but you is an axe murderer and refuses to let go of your leg, even for her father who used to be her favorite person ever. If you can slip away while she’s distracted, you might be able to get some rest, but it’s unlikely.

-The garden doesn’t stop for anything. And when, after weeks of temps in the 40s, you suddenly get some days in the 70s, things have to get done. This means you can: a) garden with a toddler strapped to your back in the Ergo (which is even harder than you’d think), b) garden while Daddy watches the beast, or c) mind the Littlest Brewster so DB can knock out the garden work. I chose option C, as it seemed like the easiest route when I was really tired from being sick. I was wrong because another thing we learned was…

-It is entirely possible for your child to have a full blown tantrum for over 15 minutes for no reason whatsoever that you can ascertain. Multiple times a day. And although you are convinced she will give herself a stroke or an apoplectic fit, she will actually be fine when she decides to calm the hell down. And her face will not be purple forever.

-I also learned that I am more like my mother than I thought as I shamelessly dragged the DreadBrewer through some table jockeying at the Flying Saucer on Saturday. My mom used to do it and I was always mortified. Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t have cared less. We were getting a table in the sun and I didn’t care who I had to knock down or push aside to do it. It was our first date in months and we were going to enjoy it, damnit.

-And finally, something I learned this evening as the Littlest Brewster was getting ready for bed: she can now fart at will and she thinks that this is absolutely hilarious. It doesn’t help that I confirmed her suspicions by laughing uncontrollably the first time (and all subsequent times) that she did it. Our little girl is growing up.

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