She’s definitely her father’s daughter

This past weekend, the DreadBrewer was on solo daddy-duty as I took a quick trip to see my family in Charlotte. I was on my way home when he called me, so excited about the following story.

Apparently they were just hanging out in the yard, back near the garden, when the Littlest Brewster started saying, really enthusiastically, “Dada! Dada! Dada!” So he goes over to investigate what’s gotten her so worked up and she is proudly waving a grub at him.

Apr.14.13.1 Apr.14.13.2She just thought that the grub was the neatest thing. They spent a good 10 minutes torturing examining it (during which time she managed not to put it in her mouth, thank God) before Daddy squashed it’s measly little brain relocated it away from her.

He was so excited to tell me about the grub incident, saying “Well, she’s definitely my daughter.”

I guess this means that this summer he can finally put into practice his plan to pay her 10¢ for every squash bug she picks off the plants. We better start saving our nickels and dimes now.

Much later…
*Okay, per my buddy Elise’s suggestion, I have attempted to photoshop LB’s shirt to reflect her passion for grubs. Much better, no?*


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