LB’s new favorite activity

Every night after dinner, we have the Littlest Brewster “help” us wash the bajillion tupperware containers that we go through daily as a family. She gets really excited when she sees one of us drag the chair over to the sink for her to stand on while assisting us. Yes it takes a heck of a lot longer than if I were to do it all by myself, but it makes her happy and keeps her from clinging to my leg, sobbing hysterically.

Her favorite part of the whole thing is pulling the labels off her tupperware and sticking them to the counter. And to the cats. And to herself. And to mommy.

To illustrate:

Apr.12.13.1 Apr.15.13.2


And no I’m not pregnant. That’s just pooch.

 I try to keep her from sticking the labels to any unsuspecting felines, but most of the sticky has washed off if she does manage to ambush one.

Who knew that used painter’s tape could be so much fun? I don’t know why I even bother to spend money on toys for her; I’ll just buy her another roll of tape and give her an empty yogurt container and she’s set.

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