Well, this weekend sucked.

As you may remember, I got the dreaded phone call last Thursday that LB had a fever and needed to be picked up from daycare. At that point, it had maxed out at 103 and we were pretty sure she was just teething. No big deal.

The DreadBrewer stayed home Friday and she still wasn’t too bad. Max daytime temp was 102, she was a little grumpy, a little lethargic. Nothing that worrisome and we were still thinking teething….

Friday night when we put her down, her temp had climbed to 105. At this point, we’re like “Holy shit. What do we do?” We gave her a dose of acetaminophen and a cool bath and put her to bed, planning on checking on her again in a bit and taking her to the doc in the morning.

Not long after, we checked on her and she was burning up. Her temp had risen to 105.8! I called the on-call doc but, without giving them much of a chance to call back (not that they actually ever did…), we decided to go ahead and take her to the ED.

Luckily there is an ED fairly close to the house that isn’t crowded and doesn’t suck. So away we went….

Standard work up for a fever in infants and toddlers includes a chest x-ray and a urinalysis, obtained via in-and-out cath. Because her tonsils looked so “beefy”, the PA added a strep swab even though kids this young very rarely get strep. (Famous last words, no?)

Touching side story: During the catheterization, I had to hold the Littlest Brewster’s arms while the two amazing nurses did their thing. They suggested I sing to LB to help distract and/or calm her. So I launched into my go-to song, The Children of The Lord. You know, the one about the arky-arky and the animals in twosie-twosies? Well those two amazing nurses just joined right in and we had a rousing rendition going by the time they were done getting a urine sample. It didn’t distract LB from the fact that a stranger was sticking a catheter in her bladder, but it did almost bring me to tears.

On another side note, as we were doing the whole I&O cath process, one of the nurses noticed a really, really angry rash on LB’s lady bits. Now I pride myself on making sure she is clean and I said that I knew she did not have that rash at bedtime. And she said that sometimes with strep, kids can get a bad rash on their genitals. Who knew?

Of course, the strep swab came back positive.

So we waited around to get our first dose of antibiotics and then headed home. At almost 2 am which, for those of you who know what a weenie I am, know that that is about 5 hours past my bedtime. This may explain the fact that once we arrived and I went around to get her out of the car, I swear to God that I looked in the back window and she was dead in her carseat -eyes open and staring. I yanked the door open, my heart in my throat, only to find her fast asleep in her carseat. Exhaustion can trigger hallucinations, right? This is why I go to bed at 9 pm every day.

Saturday morning was spent going to two pharmacies in search of and shelling out big bucks for LB’s antibiotics, which she naturally considers poison and fights tooth and nail.

The remainder of the weekend was spent alternating acetaminophen and ibuprofen, alternating between naps on our chests and walking with her (because sitting while holding her is unacceptable), and attempting to find anything that she was willing to eat or drink.

Popsicles = Epic Fail
Jello = Even Epic-er Fail
Applesauce, bananas, blueberries, yogurt (her four favorite foods ever) = Epic-est Fail of all

We even reverted to offering her milk in a bottle and she wasn’t interested.

So I’m home from work today and I’m going to schlep her in to the doctor as soon as I can.

Needless to say, we did not plant anything or clean anything or do anything this weekend. Not that I begrudge her; I (and the DreadBrewer) would give pretty much anything at this point to have our happy, healthy, ravenously hungry LB back.


Update: I did take the Littlest Brewster in to see the doctor this morning. He was totally surprised that her strep swab came back positive and kept telling me that it’s very unusual for kids this young to get strep. But he did also say that the antibiotic she’s on is fine and will definitely do the job, even though it’s expensive and thick and tastes like crap and hard to administer.

The doc also gave me some hope and told me that we’re probably over the worst of it and well on our way to recovery. Given that LB happily sucked down some yogurt and fruit for lunch, I can only assume he’s right and we’re on our way back to normal.

5 thoughts on “Well, this weekend sucked.

  1. Poor LB! There seems to be a ton of young kiddos with strep this year. When Ella was sick a few months ago that was the first thing they tested her for, even though we were told it is *supposed* to be very rare among kids their age.

    • The doctor was telling me how unlikely it was for her to get strep, with the positive report in his hand. I wanted to ask, “Did you even read the ED report?”

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