16 Months Already!?!?

This will just be a quickie update, as the Littlest Brewster hasn’t changed that much in the last month. I mean, she has but it’s little things that are hard to put into words. I think I’ve said this before but at this point it’s less “She rolled over!” and more “She’s turning into a little person!”, if you understand what I’m saying. No? Yeah, I didn’t think I was explaining it all that well, either. Anyway…

Height/Weight/Clothes: Still essentially the same. I do know that she is officially 26.8 pounds since they weighed her at the ED last weekend. With clothes, we’re still running into the 18M vs 2T dilemma. If you want it to fit perfectly now, go with 18M. If you want her actually to be able to wear it this summer, go with 2T. So I’m buying most of her shorts in 2T and making her rock the baggy look for a bit. Our neighbors just gave us a bag of barely-worn clothes that their daughters outgrew and there are a ton of 3T shirts in there that, scarily enough, look like they would be reasonably close to fitting the Littlest Brewster now.

Food: Our fabulous, not picky eater is entering the phase of toddler-hood that means she is a picky eater. (Insert much wailing and gnashing of teeth here…) I mean, it’s not really that bad (yet) – she’s not living off only fruit and cheese at this point, but there are definitely days that its like Russian Roulette with food choices. One day she thinks that egg cupcakes and sweet potatoes are manna from Heaven, the next she acts like egg cupcakes and sweet potatoes are only a small step above rancid meat and rotten milk.

But it’s strange because she’s still an adventurous eater at times. Two new foods she tried last month – and liked – were hoisin sauce and fried chicken livers. You’re telling me she’ll eat that but she refuses to eat peas, one of her previously favorite vegetables of all time? I don’t understand this kid..

Teeth: Still no new ones. We kept thinking she was going to sprout some canine teeth, as she was whining and chewing her fingers and spiking fevers, but nothing has appeared.

Talking/Verbal Development: Talk about diarrhea of the mouth! The Littlest Brewster talks and talks and talks when she’s home with me and her daddy. Lord knows I can’t understand over half of what she says and she’ll clam up when meeting other people or outside the house, but she’s very loquacious.

What is she not awesome at or what do I worry about? Sometimes I feel like I give the impression (wrongly, I might add) that LB is constantly amazing or that she could kick any other kid’s butt as regards developmental milestones. This is not the case. ((Well, she could kick other kid’s butts but more on a basis of being twice as big than they are…)) I do worry about her keeping pace with other kids her age. For instance, on some of the mom blogs I read, the writer will post about how many animal sounds her kid can say when asked “What noise does X make?” If I asked LB that, she wouldn’t have a clue what to say. She might be able to do a kitty noise, but that’s probably it. Is she behind? Should I be working more on this with her rather than just playing or digging in the dirt or whatever other non-overtly-educational things we’re doing?

I also worry about hugging and affection. When I drop her off at daycare in the morning, she’ll toddle over to the teachers and give them a hug. I should get the same treatment when I get home from work, right? Wrong. She looks up a bit to see who it is and then goes back to doing what she was doing when I walked in. It makes me scared that either a) she secretly hates me or b) she’s got some sort of developmental disability that makes her not-huggy to me. Why wont she look at the camera and smile when I ask her? I know- I sound like an idiotic worrywart. But I don’t want you all to think that LB is so awesome that I never have concerns about her development.

Or that I’m not a slightly psychotic first time mom. That is definitely still true.

Anyway – here’s LB’s 16 month photo! Given her aversion to actually looking at the camera and smiling, this is the best I could do, even if it doesn’t have her Boppy in the background for size reference.


1 thought on “16 Months Already!?!?

  1. A couple of things just to reassure you that she is completely normal.

    1.) With the hugging- I hear you! Ella runs over to the door and gives Jim a huge hug whenever he gets home from work. If I leave her with him, when I get home it’s like, “Oh, here you are. Okay. That will come in handy when I need someone’s hair to pull. Now let me and Daddy go back to our game.” Jim thinks it’s because she sees me all the time and takes it for granted that I will come back.

    2.) The animal sounds- 90% of the animals in our house say “baa baa.” In fact, there are several different animals that are also called “baa baas.”

    3.) The food- yes, please explain to me how my kid will eat mushrooms but acts like scrambled eggs are evil. Argh. So frustrating!

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