Spring is busting out all over

Particularly in our back yard.

It’s hard to believe that last year, the raspberry bed looked like this:

Staking the RaspberriesWhen this year, it looks like this:

Raspberries2 2013 Raspberries3 2013Raspberries aren’t quite as aggressive when it comes to spreading unchecked as mint, but I’m thinking that they’re pretty darn close. The DreadBrewer says he doesn’t care and they can spread back to the fence line with his blessing; I’m not so sure that this will make harvesting them any easier, even if it does vastly increase the bounty of our harvest.

Another crop that has come back in full force – our hops!

Hops 2013We had planned on finally installing a trellis for them this past weekend, but that plan got sidetracked. Hopefully we’ll get it taken care of this weekend!

Additionally, I swear you can see the lawn greening up before your eyes if you watch for a few minutes. Overnight things have really taken off – it makes me remember just why I love this time of year so much.


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