She’s back!

Remember a week ago, when I was lamenting the Littlest Brewster’s lack of appetite and sudden pickiness? We thought it was perhaps due to her having strep and were hoping and praying that our ravenous LB would soon return.

Well, I can say with certainty, that our gluttonous, food-obsessed daughter is back.

More Food 1 More Food 2These are pictures of her throwing an absolute fit because she had finished her dinner and no more food was forthcoming. And just so you know, she had an egg cupcake, blackberries, noodles and green beans, hummus, milk, and some cheerios. And she wanted a banana (which would have been her second of the day) and we had the audacity to say no.

She still prefers fruit over any other food, but she’s a lot less picky than she has been.

Back to cooking for an army, I guess. 🙂

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