I am absolutely baffled by the Littlest Brewster lately when it comes to bedtime and sleeping.

We’ve recently moved her bedtime back about 15 minutes (which means starting the whole routine around 6:15) and have been talking about moving it to 6:30 or later when she starts at her new daycare and can sleep later. (The daycare thing is a whole separate post to follow…)

Around the time to go upstairs for bedtime, she gets grumpy, starts rubbing her eyes, doing all of the classic “I’m tired” signs. If you ask her if she wants to take a bath and go to bed, she’s off like a shot to the stairs.

After her bath, she drinks a little bit of milk, pops her paci in, and walks over to crib to be lifted in.

No more cuddles. No more songs. No more stories.

She is adamant that she wants to get in her crib and go to sleep. The whole post-bath process now takes 5 minutes or less, not by my choice as I love pre-sleep LB cuddles.

As soon as you put her in her crib, she cuddles up with her lovie and lays right down.

And then – 20 minutes to an hour after you leave the room – she starts crying. And she will cry, off and on, for quite awhile before finally falling asleep for good.

Rarely, it’s because she’s pooped and wants to be changed. Most times, it’s for no reason that we can figure out.

Is her bedtime too early? It doesn’t seem that way when she practically begs to be put in her crib.

Is she suddenly missing us? Does it take her that long to figure out she’s alone? Does she just need to let off some leftover energy before bedtime?

Neither of us can come up with a reason for the crying. As of now, we just make sure she hasn’t pooped and let her fuss herself down.

But I’m still baffled. Any ideas?

1 thought on “Baffled

  1. I’m starting to think that babies cry because they simply don’t have the ability to deal with or express (or decide NOT to express) uncomfortable physical sensations. Falling to sleep is a rather uncomfortable sensation. Your muscles are achy, your skin hurts, your eyes burn, you’re just UNCOMFORTABLE. So you decide to go to sleep.

    Then what happens? As soon as you START getting comfortable, shit gets weird. You suddenly fall off of a cri- Wait, I wasn’t ON a crib! Weird colored lights and shit start popping up in front of your eyes and you try to gra– Wait, I can’t grab them! THEY’RE IN MY HEAD!

    Dude, falling asleep is fucking scary.

    Then you grow up, learn to deal with all that craziness, and learn to associate it with, well, good sleep. But before that, it’s just crazy. Babies just fight their way through the craziness the only way they know how: crying.

    Anyway, that’s my thought. Totally made up, of course. YMMV.

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