So Excited!!!

And this is why!

Swing Set!!!!

Swing Set!!!!

This past Sunday, my dad came up and helped me and the DreadBrewer put together a swing set for the Littlest Brewster.

It started out as a miserable day – cold and misty. DB and I were both pretty sure that the entire undertaking was going to majorly suck and take all day. My dad was convinced he was going to have to stay all day Monday just to finish it up while we went back to work.

And we were all pleasantly surprised to be wrong!

The temperature never did get much above the mid-60s, but the mist stopped. And it only took 3 adults a mere 7 hours to put the set together! Dad and DB would work on one step while I would get all of the wood and hardware laid out for the next step, which saved a ton of time. And of course, the Littlest Brewster was there to “help” by carrying around tools and walking off with instructions or vital pieces of equipment.

But she loves the swing set. (As do we all.) Before they were even done making the fort, she was climbing up the ladder and trying to play.

I made a little (1 1/2 minute) video of the pictures from the day, rather than just putting them into a photo gallery. I couldn’t figure out how to add music this time, so that’s missing. If you watch the video, you’ll notice not only Jake keeping watch over the proceedings, but also Ethan and Blinks helping my dad have lunch when we finally stopped for a break.

I’ve got to go pick up a few bags of pea gravel to fill the sand box today, although LB doesn’t seem to realize anything is missing from her party palace. I also might have my dad make a wooden seat for the other swing, rather than that plastic one. After an afternoon of squeezing my big butt on it, I could hardly walk yesterday because my hips hurt so bad! I guess it’s not really intended for adults… 🙂 Not that that’ll stop me.


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