A Farewell to Fat

Oh my god. I have turned into that woman.

The one who blogs and talks about the same damn thing all the time – I’m sick and tired of being so chunky! – and never does anything about it.

At least 3 times a month, I tell the DreadBrewer, “This is it. We’re back on the wagon tomorrow.”

And at least 4 times a month, I tell myself, “Eh, screw it. You deserve that beer/cupcake/entire pizza/2 pound block of cheese.”

Well, this past Tuesday, that was it. I got up in the morning and stepped on the scale and it was up. Up. Up. Up.

Despite the fact that I have been exercising at least 4 times a week for 2 months, I’d gained 4 pounds. And this was in addition to the 8 pounds I’ve put on since my mom died. ((And yes, I know that one’s mother dying can be considered extenuating circumstances when it comes to emotional eating. But for how long? And although DB says, “As long as you want,” I feel that I’ve sort of exhausted that excuse for putting another 1000 calories worth of junk in my mouth.))

I tried to get dressed for the day and could only find one pair of non-scrub pants that didn’t make me look like a sausage in a tight casing. ((I may be exaggerating here, but only slightly, I swear.))

And I realized I had turned into that woman who talked about being unhappy with her weight/health status constantly but never did anything to change that unhappiness.

So I made the decision that Tuesday was it. It was going to be my “Farewell to Fat” day. And I was going to live it up.

My awesome lunch of tenders with assorted dipping sauces, fries, and a beer (or two)!

My awesome lunch of tenders with assorted dipping sauces, fries, and a beer (or two)!

You gotta love a build-your-own-sundae place!

You gotta love a build-your-own-sundae place! Butterfingers and Heath bars and whipped cream? Yes, please!

I didn’t know if I wanted to go back to Weight Watchers or try to eat Paleo again or just aim for a healthier lifestyle. One of my friends has had pretty decent success with the MyFitnessPal app and suggested that I try it. As this was as reasonable a suggestion as any, I decided to give it a shot.

Today was day 3 “Back on the Wagon.” And so far, I’m pretty pleased. I haven’t gotten on the scale again or anything and I don’t actually feel any slimmer yet, but I feel like I’m finally doing something.

The MyFitnessPal app is pretty cool. (And free!) It’s very user-friendly and makes tracking your food and exercise intake easy. Especially now that I actually have a smart phone! There’s a feature where you can scan the barcode of whatever you’re about to eat rather than searching the database, which is really nice; DB and I have had a good time going around the house and scanning things just to see if they come up. (Rum, Lindeman’s Cabernet, and New Belgium Ranger IPA are indeed all in the database, in case you were wondering.)

You can also have “friends” on the app – I’m guessing public shaming is the motivation here as it will post things like, “Bob hasn’t logged in for 3 days. Maybe he needs some encouragement!” Or “Susan logged her food for the day and came in under her calorie allotment!” If any of you are either on MyFitnessPal or would like to join and be my buddy on this quest for health, my username is BrewsterMama9. And if you can’t find me that way, you can find me via email – kristen – at – beercatbrewing.com. (Obviously, you remove the spaces and change it to an ‘at’ sign.)

I’m sure everyone will be waiting with bated breath to see how I do on my journey to trim down and feel better about myself, so I’ll be posting updates periodically. At this point, I’m not sure if it will be weekly or less frequently; I have a feeling that my success may play a factor in my willingness to share. ((Who am I kidding? Y’all know I have no qualms about sharing my epic failures with the world.)) So stay tuned to see if I stop being that woman and actually accomplish something positive for my health!

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