Strawberry Picking!

The other day I decided to take the Littlest Brewster strawberry picking at the patch near our house.

I didn’t have really high expectations for filling our bucket with any sort of efficiency, but I thought it might be a fun way to spend some time.

The whole picking process went smoothly enough while the Littlest Brewster didn’t realize that there was fruit available all around her. When she thought that strawberries were only located in the bucket and I could sort of lead her along by moving it, we were good. And then, she discovered that there were strawberries on the plants! And Mommy was incapable of keeping her from picking all of them. And they were delicious!

At that point, I figured we had picked as many strawberries as we could reasonably eat in a few days and we called it. Also, LB was entirely covered in strawberry juice, so I figured that was also a good reason to go home.

So we can check that off our list of “Things you have to do with your child”, at least for the year. We’ll probably go again next spring when LB understands the concept of “Put the berries in your bucket, not your mouth” a little bit better.

2 thoughts on “Strawberry Picking!

  1. I’m jealous that LB ate the strawberries! Our strawberry plant (on a third floor balcony) just got its first ripe berry, so I brought our daughter (13 months) out to see. I picked the berry, handed it to her…she put it in her mouth and then very slowly and carefully pulled it out of her mouth and threw it over the balcony railing. Well then! Goodbye, first ripe strawberry of the season!

    • That’s so funny! LB did that with these fancy turkey meatloaf muffins that I slaved over – tasted it and then very deliberately spit it out and threw it on the ground. A simple “No, thank you” would have sufficed, kid.

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