Silly Girl

Lately, the Littlest Brewster has developed the silliest sleeping habits ever. She insists on piling all of her blankets and stuffed animals at one end of her crib and then flopping down on top of them.

I thought maybe she wanted a pillow, so we put in a mini-pillow pet that Cris’ kids gave her, but that just got added to the pile.

When we go in to check on her before we go to bed ((Not because we’re paranoid or anything. She’s just so damn cute when she’s asleep that we can’t resist a quick peek…))), she’s usually slid off of the pile and is nestled up next to it. But if she wakes up for some reason, she clambers right back on top.

What a goober. 🙂

Sleep 1 Sleep 3 Sleep 2

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