Back On The Wagon – Week 2

Yesterday was the weigh-in for Back on the Wagon – Week 2.

And guess what?

Eating less and exercising more still works if one wants to lose weight! ((I’m constantly amazed that, despite the fact that I know this from first hand experience, I still have a hard time doing it and am still tempted by quick-and-easy fad diets. (Cleanses, fasts, and green coffee extract – oh my!) ))

The scale this morning said 166.6, which is another 2 lbs down! Bringing total weight loss since I started tracking my food to 5.8 lbs!!

I’m very, very proud of myself for actually having tracked all of my food for two whole weeks now. And I made the extra super supreme sacrifice of buying light beer, which has been quite an adjustment for me. But you can’t really argue with 95 calories for an Amstel light versus 185 calories for a New Belgium Ranger IPA. I mean, technically I can drink twice the beer now, right?

As far as exercising goes, I’m aiming for (and usually hitting) 5 days a week. I normally either run or do the elliptical, although I’m trying to make myself swim one day a week. (Swimming is hard! And anyone who says otherwise is a dirty liar.) I need to be better about strength training as well, but I’m slightly intimidated by the weights machines and thus avoid them. Perhaps I’ll drag DB to the gym with me this weekend and conquer my fear.

DB has been very supportive in this whole endeavor, in part because he knows how much happier I am when I feel like I’m actually doing something for my health.

So there you have it. Health update for the week; check back next week to see if the good progress continues!

And join MyFitnessPal! We can cheer each other on! It’ll be fun – I promise! 🙂

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