World War V

(That’s V for voles, not the Roman numeral V.)

Last weekend, the DreadBrewer discovered that a vole (or two or three) was nomming on our plants in the garden! Well, we promptly declared the advent of World War V and set about to obliterate the little buggers.

You may remember the destruction we rained down upon the mice that were audacious enough to set up camp in our kitchen last year. That onslaught pales in comparison to what we have planned for the voles.

I went ahead and got one of those obnoxious sonic deterrents from Lowe’s to start our assault while we waited for the ridiculous quantity of crap vital supplies to arrive from Amazon.

We are now armed with 2 more higher-powered sonic deterrents, a full complement of neck-snapping traps, and one humane catch-and-release set up.

Voles 1

Step into my house! It’s very comfortable!

Voles 2

Don’t you want to try the peanut butter? It’s delicious!

Voles 3

No, you don’t want to eat the leeks. Wouldn’t you much rather try what’s in this trap, er, serving dish?


We set everything out starting Wednesday night but have yet to catch or kill anything so far. One can only hope that’s because the sonic spikes have already been effective and not because the voles are smarter than we are and laughing at us à la CaddyShack.

All I can say is – Voles, your days are numbered. It is on.

2 thoughts on “World War V

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