Garden Update

It has been entirely too long since I’ve posted a garden update – the DreadBrewer’s hard work should go un-lauded no more!

Here are some pictures of what’s going on in the garden now:

As you can see, things are in full swing here. Neither DB nor I can believe that we’ve already got this many zucchini plants producing! We’ve had zucchini every night for the last few nights and I see that trend continuing for the foreseeable future… Luckily, I love zucchini.

The pepper plants seem to be doing fairly well; no ill effects from being transplanted. We’re pretty sure that we should have started the seeds a few weeks earlier so that they had had more time to grow before transplant but oh well. Live and learn, right?

The garlic takes at least 2 weeks to dry before we can put it up for storage, so we’ve got a minimum of 7 more days of overwhelmingly garlic-y smells coming out of the garage. At least we know we’re safe from vampires attacking from the garage. Once the stalks dry out a bit, I want to try braiding them to make bunches like in the olden days – I think they would be really pretty and easier to store that way, but we’ll see how well that goes.

And so far, there have been no kills reported for World War V. We’re still choosing to believe that this is because we have driven the voles away with our super sonic attack, although it may be that they’ve eaten all of the carrots and moved off to seek greener pastures elsewhere. Whatever the reason, if they’ve stopped eating our veg, we’re happy.

We still need to finish setting up the DripWorks system I got DB for Christmas, although it has rained here the past few days which means no watering for us! So the lack of irrigation system hasn’t been as much of a hassle recently as I’m sure it would be in July when there’s been no rain for weeks. Hopefully, we’ll get that knocked out this weekend and then all we’ll have to water by hand is the asparagus. And the potatoes. And the berries. And the basil. (Oh, just that? I thought it was a lot!)

Also, I believe we’re going to seed the okra and cantaloupe in the next week or two, as it’s certainly been hot enough here for them lately.

Is it any wonder I insisted on an irrigation system this year?

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