Why Mornings Are Better

*Disclaimer: This post pretty much only applies if your kid is sleeping through the night. If you’re still getting up every 3 hours with a baby, all bets are off whether there will be any lovins at all in your household.*

Many times, the DreadBrewer will attempt to initiate the night time lovins. And many times, I will shoot him down because lets face it, mornings are better. And this is why.

When your husband wants night time lovins, what have you just spent the last 17.5 hours doing?

You had to:
-Get up and get dressed
-Get your kid up and get her dressed
-Pack lunches for you, your kid, and your husband
-Make breakfast for you, your kid, and your husband
-Walk the dog
-Take the kid to daycare
-Drive to work in rush hour traffic
-Go and work 8 hours
-Drive home in rush hour traffic
-Unpack your, your kid’s, and your husband’s lunch boxes and wash the oodles of tupperware from the day
-Make dinner for your kid (Luckily, the DreadBrewer feeds the Littlest Brewster dinner 99% of the time)
-Put away the laundry that your husband has so nicely washed and folded
-Give your kid a bath and put her to bed
-Sit and relax with a glass of wine for 30 minutes (or go crazy; it’s your choice)
-Make dinner for you and your husband
-Wash the dinner pots and pans (Luckily, DB loads what he can into the dishwasher. (I’m not allowed.))
-Contemplate vacuuming up the dust bunnies and putting away the kid’s toys but decide against it
-Watch 30 minutes of that movie it’s taken you 4 nights to finish
-Collapse into bed at 9:15, exhausted
-Ward off husband’s amorous advances

When your husband wants morning lovins, what have you just spent the last 6.5 hours doing?

Can you see why mornings are better? Who’s with me?!?

3 thoughts on “Why Mornings Are Better

  1. Wait. I just realized you said 6.5 hours of sleep. Are you CRAZY?! No lovin at all til I get 10 hours!

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