Epic Weekend

This weekend was absolutely epic!

Actually, we didn’t really do all that much – we just had a really good time doing what we did do.

First up was the Littlest Brewster’s introductory Li’l Kickers class. I found this “Intro to Soccer” class for kids 18-24 months and we decided to enroll LB in it. It’s not really so much an intro to soccer as a chance for toddlers and their parents to run around like crazy, play with soccer balls, and work on following some simple commands. I know all parents think this, but our kid was definitely the smartest one there! She did so well at following directions. Okay – she did moderately well but she was still better than the other two kids. We can’t wait to go back next weekend and have been practicing our moves so that we can continue to blow the other parents away. Red light, green light? We are on it like white on rice.

Then was some grocery shopping (my favorite!), capped off with a ride on Harry the Happy Dragon. I swear they crank the music up as loud as possible in order to embarrass the parents who are conned into dropping $0.50 for a 35 second ride. But the Littlest Brewster loves it, so we give in whenever we have the quarters at hand.

Next was the official advent of summer – we inflated our back yard pool! It was by far the best $20 I have ever spent when I bought that pool at Walmart three years ago. The Littlest Brewster and I then proceeded to spend Saturday and Sunday afternoons getting thoroughly waterlogged and having a blast. DB’s mom came over to join in the fun on Sunday as well.

And finally – wing fest! Saturday night, DB grilled up a ridiculous quantity of wings for us. We tossed them in traditional buffalo and Asian zinger sauce and sucked them down. Neither of us felt particularly good in the morning, but they sure tasted fabulous when we were eating them. 🙂

And there you have it – our epic weekend recap. How was your weekend?

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