Starfish Sleeping

There are many reasons I love my husband. One such reason became apparent to me the other day, when I asked if the DreadBrewer would mind if I slept in the guest room for a night because I wanted to spread out and “sleep like a starfish.” He looked at me and said, “Honey, you already sleep like a starfish.”

I love him because this is true. I sleep spread out and basically in command of the bed, while he sleeps huddled on the edge with a sliver of blanket. ((It’s all payback for making me fall asleep every night to books on tape.Who does that?!? My husband. And now, after a decade, I’ve been ruined converted and need a tape myself to fall asleep.))

It doesn’t help that Ethan is my baby and insists on sleeping by my side. Case in point: Ethan 19

So if you add Ethan into the mix, here are terrible illustrations of my two favorite sleeping positions:


And to add insult to injury, in addition to sleeping with me and Ethan, the DreadBrewer has to share his bed with this guy:

This is Lionel. I got him as a reward for being on swim team when I was five. So he is now almost 25 years old.

Because yes, I am almost 30 years old and I still sleep with a stuffed animal. There. I’ve said it.

But he is the perfect length and shape to fit between my legs and my arms at the same time. And I love him dearly.

So, when I ask the DreadBrewer for a free pass to sleep like a starfish in the guest room and he says yes, for whose benefit is he really giving in?

2 thoughts on “Starfish Sleeping

  1. I listen to podcast to fall asleep, but I put earbuds in… But HE’s the one hogging the blankets while rolling away from me in bed!

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