Back On The Wagon – Week 6

I knew that the amazing weight loss of a pound per week couldn’t continue forever… And alas it has finally come to an end this week. Sigh.

Here are this week’s stats:
Today’s Weight: 163.0
Weight loss this week: 0.6 lbs
Total weight loss to date: 9.4 lbs

I think what has really slowed down/derailed my progress this week is the same thing that usually happens to me when I get complacent: I don’t count the random bites, licks, and tastes (or BLTs as they’re known in Weight Watchers world). And those add up, even if I would like to believe that they don’t count.

So my goal is to track everything that I eat or drink, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.

The other thing that may have contributed to my lack of progress this week is my new obsession with croutons. Crazy, I know, but the Rothbury Farms Seasoned Croutons are just the perfect amount of crunch and flavor. And I’ve been eating me by the handful, justifying it by telling myself it’s only 30 calories for two tablespoons. And that’s two tablespoons, right? (More like 4… Every time… Multiple times a day…) I think that croutons are now going to have to go on my “Don’t have in the house” list.

But, one big huge awesome amazing thing that happened this week is that my friend Julie sent me her disused and forgotten FitBit tracker to use!!!! Which is absolutely awesomesauce and makes me so happy! I didn’t get it set up until last night, so I won’t actually know if and how it impacts my weight loss for another week. But I seriously cannot tell you how excited and grateful I am that she was generous enough to give it to me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I will be sure to update next week on how I like using it and whether it makes a difference.

Tomorrow I am leaving for a long overdue trip to Oregon to see Jessie and John and the babies. I fully expect to gain weight on this grip, as I’m heading to Beervana to have long heart-to-hearts with my sister/BFF over pints of microbrew and tasting glasses of amazing wine. But, life happens and we have to adapt. Lord knows I’m not going to Double Mountainand drinking a bottle of Amstel Light. I think that an overall healthy lifestyle with occasional indulgences is the way to go (and easier to maintain). Don’t you agree?

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