I love you so much. And now I need a break.

I am leaving this afternoon for 4 glorious days in Oregon with my sister and her family. The Littlest Brewster and DB are going to be in charge of themselves while I’m out of town. And I am so excited that I almost cannot stand myself. Which brings me to my latest Truth about Motherhood:

Sometimes, in order to be a better wife and mother, you need a break from your husband and kids.

Don’t get me wrong – I really really love the DreadBrewer and LB. Spending time with them is one of my favorite things. But every once in a while, I need them (or more accurately – me) to go away.

Getting away by myself gives me a chance to remember and celebrate and enjoy the person I am outside of being a wife and mother. It gives me a chance to focus on the things that define me other than dirty diapers and dirty dishes. And it makes me a much calmer, happier person when I return.

To get the benefits of a break, I don’t even need to get away for that long. Just an afternoon is enough to revive my spirits and give me a renewed appreciation for my family.

The biggest impediment to taking a break is the guilt factor. We have a tendency to feel that if (gasp!) we actually put ourselves first every once in a while, it makes us shitty wives and mothers. Society tells us that if we’re not constantly at the beck and call of others then we’re deficient as women and that we’re failures.

And that is total crap.

I know that this next analogy gets used over and over and over, but it’s totally true. It’s like they say on airplanes: You have to put on your own oxygen mask first before you can help anyone else. If you don’t take care of yourself, how can you possibly take care of your family?

So this weekend, I’m putting my oxygen mask on and I am getting away. And it’s going to be glorious.

And when I get back Tuesday morning, I know I’ll be refreshed (mentally, not physically – those red eye flights are killer!) and ready to jump back in to the fray.

So what are you waiting for? Why don’t you take a break for yourself too?

7 thoughts on “I love you so much. And now I need a break.

  1. Enjoy your time! I’ve been thinking the same thing lately- how I am a much better wife and mother (and human being) when I take time for myself. I think it’s an important lesson to our kids that everyone, including Mommy, needs a break and time to relax.

    • I think it helps give them perspective – makes them realize they’re not the emperors of their own little universe!

  2. This is the very reason I was so glad to finally give up breastfeeding! Right now my husband works 6 days a week, so it’s hard to give up our one day together to go do something by myself…but I think I just might have to. Or I’ll go crazy. (And nobody wants me crazy.)

    • Crazy is never good. A break is always easier to deal with (and has fewer repercussions) than crazy.

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