Oh My God, She’s 18 Months

A year and a half?

When did that happen?

I blinked and 18 months have come and gone and I am left here, slightly bewildered by this toddler who is standing where my little baby was.

When did she morph into this tiny person who is capable of so much and learning more every day?

Since you all got nothing more than a picture last month, I’ll give you the full update this month.

Height & Weight: DB busted out the tape measure the other night, as she was sprawled across her crib, and got 34 inches. Which seems like a reasonable measurement. And our home scale still registers her around 28 pounds, which seems like a lot lighter than I would guess when I’m carrying her around. But I’m going to assume its correct, since I assume its correct for me every Wednesday.

Clothes & Diapers: She’s in anything from 18 months (in shorts) to 3T (in shirts). Diapers are still 5s during the day and 6s at night. Potty training is not yet on the horizon, though my goal is to get it done before she gets married.

Sleeping: We’ve been sloooooooowly moving her bedtime back – now we start the whole bath time routine around 7 and plop her in her crib around 7:20. She’ll then sleep until we have to get up for the day around 6:20. Weekends, she’ll sleep until 7 or so. Still just the one nap a day, from 12 to 2ish (although L has gotten some 3-4 hour naps at daycare lately, which baffles us).

Talking: The Littlest Brewster is definitely her mama’s daughter. She talks and talks and talks all the time. (Provided she knows you. She’s a little shy with new people.) I won’t write out her list of words, cuz it’s a lot, but I will tell you a couple of cute phrases she does.
-When she burps or farts, she knows to cover her mouth and say something resembling “Excuse me.” (God bless you, L, for teaching my heathen some manners.)
-If you ask her “What comes after one?” she says “Two!” If you ask her “What comes after two?” she says “Two!”
-If she sees a stain or piece of dirt on the floor, she will stand there, point, and yell “Poo poo! Poo poo!” over and over until someone cleans it up. At which point she will go off in search of the next example of my slack housekeeping. (Thanks, kid.)
-She knows lots and lots of animal noises but insists that birds say “Biiiiiirds” in a low baritone.

Food: LB now officially eats whatever the DreadBrewer and I are having, with the exception of shellfish as we were told to wait until 2 for that. I’ve actually started referring to her as”My little locust” because she will eat absolutely anything. Her previous, short lived pickiness was when she was sick and once she felt better, it was on like Donkey Kong. I still worry that she eats too much, but it’s all healthy and unprocessed so I try not to worry too much.

And that’s it. The long update – at least, what I can put into words. Those of you who have kids will understand that there’s no way you can sum up all of the ways your child is advancing and growing. It’s simultaneously unnoticeable and mind-blowing. And it’s amazing.

And I’m so lucky to have a front row seat.


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