Back On The Wagon – Week 9

After getting back to my pre-Oregon weight last week, I had high hopes for this week. (As I usually do Wednesday mornings.) And I did pretty well with staying within my calories and exercising, but I didn’t have the crazy results I was hoping for. ((I did make a deliberate decision to stop for Arbys on the way home from Charlotte. I love Arbys but the DreadBrewer hates it (and we hardly ever get fast-food anyway), so the opportunity was too good to pass up. And the roast beef and curly fries were amazing!))

This week’s weight: 162.4
Loss from last week: 0.6 lbs
Total loss to date: 10 lbs! Woot!

On the plus side, I can say that I’m officially 10 pounds down from where I started! And getting closer to the 150s each week – I’ll get there eventually! On the down side, My Fitness Pal recalculated my calories this morning and I get 70 fewer calories a day now.

I did finally have an annual physical with a primary care doctor yesterday and everything checked out well. It was really nice to be able to tell them (truthfully, for once!) that I was exercising regularly and watching what I ate. They asked if I had fasted before my appointment and I wanted to laugh and say, “Are you serious!?! It is 11:00 in the morning and if you think I can make it this long without eating, you are out of your ever-lovin’ mind.” So I’ve got to fast to get my labs drawn sometime this week (first thing in the morning, I can assure you) and I’ll get those results eventually. But I’m sure everything will be great as I am actually taking care of myself for once.

No obvious hurdles this week; it’ll just be a matter of keepin’ on keepin’ on with the tracking and the exercise. Julie and I supposedly started a fitness challenge recently and have been pretty slack with holding each other accountable. My goal is to actually do the 30-day Shred 3 times this week like we promised and see if that helps. Hopefully my high hopes for this week will become a reality!

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