Garlic and Potatoes are in!

A few weeks ago (if you remember) we picked pounds and pounds and pounds of garlic and put it in the garage to dry for storage. Well, they finally dried enough that we needed to get them put up somewhere cool and dry where they will (hopefully) keep for months.

In order to make them easier to store and more attractive (and to impress our friends and blog followers), I undertook to braid them into those pretty bundles you see in Italian restaurants. I figured it couldn’t be that much harder than braiding hair, right?

Well, yes and no. Once you get started, it is indeed the same as French braiding hair, but you’re adding in cloves instead of more hair. However, if you want to keep your braid from unraveling, you have to do what’s called an anchor knot to get the whole process started and that gave me trouble for at least a couple of braids. But once you got the hang of it, it was easy!

Dried Garlic 1

All braided up! Isn’t it pretty? Aren’t you impressed?

We saved some of the largest cloves to use as seed garlic when we replant this fall.

Dried Garlic 2

Give us lots of garlic please!

We had left the cloves in the garage while we tried to figure out where in our house was cool and dry and not full of junk. Finally, the DreadBrewer came upon the perfect solution: the guest bath! Given that we’re not brewing right now, the tub is actually free and what better place to store our root crops?

Dried Garlic 3Fingers crossed that the garlic lasts and lasts in there.

We also harvested our potatoes this weekend, which is actually a lot of fun and very rewarding. Sort of like digging for treasure you can eat.

There was much debate between us as to when the potatoes were actually ready (given that they’re underground, it’s kind of hard to tell). We eventually decided to harvest when the plants looked kind of pathetic and semi-dead. (As opposed to waiting until they were fully dead as some websites suggested.)

See? Semi-dead

See? Semi-dead

The Littlest Brewster had to get in on the action of course and thoroughly enjoyed helping DB dig up the spuds.

Potatoes 2

Have a potato!

We ended up with about 13 lbs of potatoes, which makes them probably the most expensive potatoes I’ve ever eaten, after you count what the seed potatoes cost plus the multiple bags of potting soil for the potato bags. However, homegrown potatoes are supposed to be the most delicious potato you will ever eat so they might be worth it in the end. I’ll be sure to let you know.

Worth their weight in gold? They'd better be!

Worth their weight in gold? They’d better be!

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