They’re alive!

The baby birds have finally hatched! It took so long that I was pretty much convinced the eggs were duds but sure enough, there they were the other day. Cute little balls of fluff.

20130719-062516.jpg 20130719-062528.jpg 20130719-062537.jpg

It’s amazing that within a few hours they were up and running around, if not flying yet. I know that they have to be more advanced than human children because they’re dealing with the threat of being gobbled up by something bigger and stronger, but still. It makes me feel like the Littlest Brewster was a terribly late bloomer in comparison to the baby birds.

Maybe that’s how I should motivate LB from now on – tell her that if she doesn’t do X,Y, and Z a giant predator is going to swoop down and snatch her up for dinner. Because that wouldn’t scar her for life, right?

2 thoughts on “They’re alive!

  1. I prefer consistent yet casual messages about monsters.

    “Huh, wonder why there are a lot of monsters in the wood today. Oh well. Wanna get some ice cream?”

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