Back On The Wagon – Week 11

I knew it. I knew those sneaky calories from last week were still hanging around and that they would catch up with me. The dirty buggers!

Granted, WingFest during Meme’s visit probably didn’t help matters any. Nor did the delicious cookies from Sunday lunch that used a cup of shortening. Oh well. I knew the downward trend couldn’t continue forever.

This week’s weight: 161.2
Weight gained since last week: +0.4
Total weight loss to date:11.2

So what’s my plan of attack for this week? Well, luckily there is only one event coming up this week that will be very food oriented (the DreadBrewer and I are going to finally go out for our anniversary/my birthday!). So the rest of the time I should be able to stay on track and really watch it.

I’m still having a very hard time mindlessly putting LB’s leftovers in my mouth. Or measuring out her fruit/goldfish/whatnot and eating a couple without thinking. Those calories add up – I think I read somewhere that moms eat 200 extraneous calories a day or something like that by scarfing off our kids’ plates. That’s 2 light beers or 8 ounces of wine I could be having instead! I really want to try and pay attention to that this week and see if it makes a difference. And yes, I know I’ve said this before.

I will say, though, that people have finally started to notice that I’ve lost weight. I know that scrubs hide pounds (one of the reasons it’s easy to gain weight without noticing it -elastic waistbands are very forgiving!), so it’s harder for people to tell a difference. It has gotten to the point in my weight loss journey that I need to suck it up and spend the money on some new pants. Mine are about to fall off and they’re sort of unflattering.

Scrubs 2

Yeah, maybe time for new pants

Scrubs 1

Is there a butt under all that fabric?

I have a hard time buying “skinny” clothes because I feel like it will jinx me and I’ll gain back any weight I’ve lost. I also have a hard time wearing clothes that actually fit because I’m accustomed to wearing baggy clothes and anything remotely resembling tight or fitted makes me feel like a sausage in a tight casing. But it’s something I’m working on and, even if I did gain weight this past week, I feel like I’ve earned some pants that fit. I’m not putting in all these hours at the gym just to hide under yards of fabric.

Now if I can just overcome my frugal tendencies and actually fork over the money for new pants.

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