Rites of Passage

There are some rites of passage that are pretty exciting to me as the mom of a little girl. ((I’m sure there are rites of passage for moms of boys, I just don’t know what they are not having one myself.)) 99% of them haven’t happened yet (ear piercing, first bra, first period, etc…) and I’m definitely okay with that. Lord knows I’m not looking forward to telling my daughter about tampons and birth control and underwire.

But we did just get to experience one rite of passage that is probably not that exciting to anyone but me: I painted the Littlest Brewster’s toenails for the first time!

I’ve been wanting to paint them for ages but the DreadBrewer (in typical DB fashion) insisted that we had to have all-natural, non-toxic nail polish in case she nibbled her toes. Which is not out of the realm of possibility as the girl will nibble anything that looks even remotely like food.

I had despaired of every finding such a nail polish (Did it exist? Was it just a chimera?) when I stumbled upon a display of Piggy Paint down in Wilmington.

Piggy Paint

And there it was! The polish I had been searching for my whole life for a couple of weeks!

It was stupidly expensive but I bought it anyway because I would finally be able to paint LB’s toenails! 🙂 Which we did the other day and it was every bit as fun as I thought it would be.

Don't you love pudgy kid feet?

Don’t you love pudgy kid feet?

Being all natural, the polish does not have the staying power of traditional polish and is already flaking off after a day or so. I think they sell Piggy Paint topcoat, but I don’t care if it flakes off. Keeps me from having to remove it myself, right?

So for any other moms out there who are looking for a safer alternative to Sally Hansen, it’s definitely worth a try.


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