Back On The Wagon – Week 12

12 weeks! That’s 3 months!!

No wonder I’m getting sick and tired of tracking!

Sigh. It’s true. Even though I’ve had amazing results and I am feeling so much better about myself than I have in months, if not years, I am getting fed up with tracking and counting calories and not stuffing my face at will. This is the danger zone. Especially since this feeling of calorie-counting-ennui is rearing its ugly head right before our annual pilgrimage to Myrtle Beach. I would be hard pressed to stay reasonably on track at the beach if I were all fired up; all fed up will make it damn near impossible.

Wait – before I digress even more, lets have is week’s stats!
This Week’s Weight: 159.6
Amount Lost Since Last Week: 1.6
Total Weight Loss So Far: 12.8

Finally in the 150s! A “decade” as they say in Weight Watchers that I haven’t seen in at least 5 years. Maybe that will motivate me to keep tracking… Or the more likely scenario: it will allow me to convince myself I’ve either a) earned a break from tracking or b) gotten so good at this I can do it in my head. Neither is true.

Like I said last week, this weekend included a trip to the Flying Saucer for my birthday/our anniversary. I managed to restrain myself and only have 3 pints of beer and a delicious plate of smoked meat and cheeses. It tracked at, like, a billion calories. I actually gave up after MyFitnessPal said I had consumed 1200 calories worth of beer and just counted the day as a loss.

But I did exercise like mad, per usual. I have gotten to the point where I really, really love exercising. Not just because I earn extra food, but also because it makes me feel so capable and strong. Even when I have a “bad” workout. Exciting thing: I may have a new friend! I don’t want to jinx it but I dragged a woman I know to Cardio Kickboxing yesterday and we had a blast. It was sort of like a first date that went really well, so fingers crossed I don’t scare her off. 🙂

And another exciting thing is that a bunch of girls at work have joined MyFitnessPal and are now my “friends.” Only 2 of them are on there and/or message me with any regularity, but it’s still fun.

Okay, so Sunday to Saturday is our annual beach trip. I’m just going to do my best and try not to go crazy and make an effort to get some exercise in. And I’ll check in with you all the following Wednesday and see where we stand.

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