Ethan, The Patient

You know how saints and knights always had names like, “Galahad, The Pure” or “Lancelot, The Brave”? ((And yes, those are both from Monty Pyton’s Search for the Holy Grail.))

Ethan’s name should be “Ethan, The Patient.” Or even better, “Ethan, The Long Suffering.”

I’ve posted before about how much the Littlest Brewster loves Ethan. Well, that love has not diminished in the least since then. In fact, now she follows the poor guy around relentlessly. I think this may be due in part to her love and devotion to him and in part to her overwhelming desire to clean things. He does have a tendency to shed and she apparently thinks this means he needs constant “buffing.”

By “buffing” I mean – we store a bunch of washcloths behind her high chair for easy access when there are spills and messes. LB enjoys grabbing one and going around polishing and buffing things. She particularly enjoys cleaning Ethan. Case in point:

See? Buffing.

See? Buffing.

The poor guy is so patient with her. He just lies there and lets her pile cloth after cloth on top of him. And he tolerates her trying to put her bib around his neck.

Ethan 3 Ethan 4 - Copy Ethan 5 - CopyHe’s honestly like the dog we would have liked to have for a kid, except you can’t ride him. He’s certainly earned every bit of food he manages to filch off her plate when she’s not looking.

What a good kitty

What a good kitty

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