Back On The Wagon – Week 13

In addition to being back from vacation and back in real life, I am again back on the wagon.

Usually when I go to the beach, I put on at least 5 pounds in the course of a week. It didn’t help that my mom was a big fan of having every junk food imaginable and usually made at least 2 peach cobblers plus birthday cake plus ice box cookies while we were down there. And as everyone knows, the beach makes you ravenously hungry even when you’ve done nothing more strenuous than sunbathe and read trashy romance novels. And don’t even get me started on the alcohol!

But this year, I didn’t want to completely undo any weight loss success I’ve had, so I packed my food scale. And then I thought, “Who the hell am I kidding?” and took it right back out of the suitcase.

One thing I did pack – and use – that helped mitigate my weight gain was my running shoes. I managed to go for a run nearly every day that we were down there. (I also packed my rollerblades, but that lasted all of 15 minutes because South Carolina has apparently never heard of road maintenance.)

I also at least somewhat attempted to make healthy choices while we were down there. I ate a lot of yogurt for breakfast and tuna salad for lunch, both of which I love so that wasn’t a hardship. The fact that I knew I had to post my numbers for the world all 3 of my followers Laura to see today helped keep me from reaching back into the bag of chips over and over.

I got on the scale when we first got back and it said I had put on my usual 5 pounds. 😦 I was very disappointed but hoped that it was bloating/water weight and decided to eat healthfully Monday and Tuesday and see what the scale said this morning. And it said:
Today’s Weight: 160.2
Weight Gain Since Last Week: 0.6 lbs
Total Weight Loss To Date: 12.2 lbs

Which is way better than I had hoped for.

The fact that on Monday, I got 20,000 steps on my FitBit may have helped.

+20000 steps!?! Woot!

+20000 steps!?! Woot!

Aren’t you impressed? I love that thing.

And this coming week has not a single planned eating or fitness obstacle. In fact, DB is out of town tonight and tomorrow which always makes eating healthy easier. So I should be able to seriously rock it and get back into the 150s next week. Check back to see if I do!

Update: Here’s a pic of me in my “tight” jeans – you can be the judge as to whether they’re hot or whether I look like a sausage in a tight casing. I’m going to say the former!


4 thoughts on “Back On The Wagon – Week 13

  1. Aww…I got a mention in your blog! πŸ™‚ Glad you did such a good job maintaining while on vacation. I always feel like I eat more than I should when we do our family beach vacation. I bet keeping up with all the little ones helped a bunch!

    • πŸ™‚ Glad you noticed the shout out!

      Running after the little ones certainly upped my activity levels and decreased the amount of beer I could responsibly consume, which was a good thing in retrospect. (Even if those Red Stripe did look delicious…)

  2. Hey! I read these too, you know! My competitive side helps prod me onwards after checking in πŸ™‚ I didn’t gain much at the beach but then I haven’t been tracking for a few weeks. I’m back on the wagon now too, since Monday.

    • I’m glad I provide some motivation! I figured you all were sick of reading about my trials and tribulations with weight loss.

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