Back On The Wagon – Week 14

Okay, so this week was not as killer as I wanted it to be.

Wednesday I felt so awful that I just ate whatever I felt like eating with no thought to calories or health, which meant a make-your-own pizza with extra extra mushrooms.

Friday I had a hard day where I missed my mom extra much so I self-soothed with a bag of Cheetos.((Snack size, but still…)) And then DB came home with Sierra Nevada Beer Camp and Southern Tier Pumking (one of my yearly favorites!).

I tried to be extra super on track the next four days, but it was still sort of hit or miss.

Needless to say, my results were not quite as fabulous as I had hoped. Even if they were still entirely respectable.

This Week’s Weight: 159.0
Loss From Last Week: -1.2 lbs
Total Weight Loss To Date: 13.4 lbs

One gratifying thing that happened this week: As most of you know, I work in oncology, where weight loss is usually the sign of something bad. I had a patient I hadn’t seen in a few weeks say, “Oh my God! Are you okay? You’ve lost so much weight!!!” It made me very happy to assure her it was intentional and super excited that someone finally noticed!

Today I am off being professional in New York, which makes it exceedingly difficult to eat well, but I’ll do the best I can. And try to stay on track the rest of the week. Now that goal is only 4 pounds away, I’m getting kind of nervous. How many times have I gotten thisclose to goal only to give up? I won’t do that this time, damnit. I will make my goal weight.

1 thought on “Back On The Wagon – Week 14

  1. Keep it up!!! You have done such an awesome job at losing steadily and healthily, and at the same time it feels like you accomplished many goals so fast. I’m so proud and happy for you!!

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