20 Month Update

Obviously time is flying by as I completely missed a 19-month update. Oh well. This one’ll just have to count as both!

Height/Weight: As far as I can tell, the Littlest Brewster is still clocking in around 29 pounds and 35 inches. You’ll see in her monthly photo at the end that she is well and truly a toddler now; no baby about it. :*(

Clothes/Shoes/Diapers: She’s in all 2T or 3T stuff now. I’m a lot more likely to get 3T just so I know it’ll fit for more than a minute. Shoes are 5s. Diapers are still 5s during the day and 6s at night. She’ll leak through at night once every couple of weeks, but they don’t make size 7s so I don’t really know what we could do about it. Maybe put her diaper on backwards at night to put more padding towards the pee?

Teeth: The doctor said that her canine teeth should come in by two, but we haven’t made any progress on that. It does look like one on the top might be thinking about poking through, but I could just be crazy.

Talking/Communication: Good Lord the girl loves to talk! Not to commit the cardinal mom-sin of over-representing or over-lauding your child’s abilities, but the Littlest Brewster is super-talkative by everyone’s standards, not just my own. She’s started saying two and three word sentences, which makes communication a lot easier (“Booboo ouchie cream” lets me know what she wants. “Booboo” just makes me start kissing body parts in an attempt to make it all better. And it obviously won’t be all better until I put the cream on. Obviously…) The DreadBrewer and I love the way she butchers some words and will get her to say the particularly funny ones (like blueberry – “Buddhabeddy”) over and over and over. There are frequently times that she will say something and I have to tell her that I’m sorry but I have no idea what she said because its so garbled. But I’m getting pretty good at deciphering her toddler-speak.

Miscellaneous: A few random things from the last two months.
-Bedtime consists of one book and one song, always “You are my sunshine.” After we read our story, she looks up and says “Sunshine!” and then snuggles in for the song. I love it.
-We bought a little potty as she kept talking about the potty and poo poo, but so far she’s not really interested. It’s pretty much just taking up valuable real estate in my tiny half-bath. But we’re ready when she is, I guess.
-Per Jacqueline’s instructions, I’m trying to help tame her hair into some semblance of a hairstyle. I thought things would eventually just sort themselves out and she’d have a part and look even more adorable, but no. Apparently you have to train both your daughter and her hair to behave the way you want. I’m trying but some days it’s a losing battle.
-With all the rain lately, we have some tree frogs that have taken up residence on our kitchen window and LB is obsessed. She has to greet them first thing in the morning and say goodnight to them every night and check on them multiple times a day. It’s adorable and annoying at the same time.

And finally, here’s her monthly update photo! Isn’t she just getting to be so big and grown up? Where did my baby go?!?


1 thought on “20 Month Update

  1. Ack she looks like such a big kid!

    I hear you on the hair stuff. Ella’s hair looks wild most days. I came up with something I call “monkey hair” which is where I let her hang upside down off the bed or couch while I quickly fix a ponytail. I think my daughter is training me, not the other way around.

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