Back On The Wagon – Week 15

Gah! So much for assiduously working toward reaching my goal weight this past week!

I was talking with Jessie over the weekend and we both agreed that we fall into this pattern for the week:
Wednesday: Oh, I just weighed in! I can eat whatever I want today because I have a whole week until I have to weigh in again!
Thursday: I’m going to try to stay on plan today.
Friday: Weekend!!! Maybe I can just have one extra beer…
Saturday: Weekend!! Let’s order pizza!
Sunday: Oh crap! It’s already Sunday? I better eat fairly healthy today.
Monday and Tuesday: Holy moly! How is already Monday/Tuesday? I have to weigh in Wednesday morning; why did I eat so much junk food this weekend!?!? Nothing but water and carrots for the next 2 days!

Alas, the 48 hours of water and carrots was not enough to mitigate the damage done by my trip to New York and the pizza and buffalo wings on Saturday night. 😦

This Week’s Weight: 159.8
Weight Gain Since Last Week: 0.8 lbs (Not a ton, but still…)
Total Weight Loss: 12.6 lbs

However, I have quite a bit going on this coming week, so my plan is just to tread water and try to maintain. Friday the DreadBrewer and I have a lunch date at Hurricane Grill, which you may remember from my Farewell to Fat post. It has been 4 months since I’ve been and I figure I’m allowed to go and indulge in those delicious fries at least 3 times a year.  

One thing that has been awesome this week and should continue to motivate me in the coming days is that I downloaded the Map My Run app for my phone! I tried to upload the screen shot from yesterday but this is what I got:

I ran with MapMyRun! Distance: 4.46mi, time: 41:31, pace: 9:19min/mi, speed: 6.44mi/h.

I really like not having to figure out my pace myself. And it was nice finally having a distance for the route I run in my neighborhood. Another big motivator that’s coming is new running shoes! I have a date with myself to get a new pair on Friday, which is very, very exciting. At least to me.

So check back next Wednesday and see if I can manage to maintain with my crazy week ahead. Who knows? Maybe the stars will align and I’ll lose weight. (Ha!)

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